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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

FIeld Trip Review: Bucks County Children's Museum

Name: Bucks County Children's Museum
Address: 500 Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA 18938
Preferred Ages: 1-7
Cost: $8/pp  (plus parking)
Membership Cost: $90-$100

The Bucks County Children's Museum is located a few blocks from the "main strip" in New Hope.  Parking is available in an attached municipal lot at $1 per hour; there is a minimum $3 charge for credit cards.  The museum itself is 9,000 square feet and it usually takes about 45 minutes - 90 minutes to go through all of the exhibits.

There are four rooms of stationary exhibits.  Room 1 includes a visual example of the river locks, a hands on archway building activity for two, a shadow room, and a wind power exhibit with scarves.  Room 2 has a hot air balloon visualization, a dig-for-fossils exhibit, and a build-your-own racer and track, along with a ball fall that children can build with various tracks.  Room three has a recycling ground visual along with a light activity, a castle, and a slide.  Room four includes a train car, general store and post office, and a garden that young children will enjoy.  A small side room rotates exhibits.  As of the summer, it was a hospital room that allowed children to play with a full size "Operation" game.  Prior to that, it was a Kinex room.

There is a large meeting room that can be divided into two for parties and large trips.  Members are allowed to bring nut-free lunches to store in the fridge.  The bathrooms have adult and child sized stalls.

Overall, this is a big hit with younger children but may be slightly boring to older children.  It is a quick field trip but the space can be overwhelmed with schools and camps attend.  If you see your family visiting more than 3-4 times a year, a membership makes sense (especially depending on family size).  It does offer you a discount on parties and merchandise

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