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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Endow Programs: Fall 2015

In 1995, Pope John Paul II said, “woman has a genius all her own, which is vitally essential to both society and the Church.”  The Church understands that a woman, created in the image of God, bears within herself unique gifts that make a tremendous contribution to the world.  The more a woman draws near to Jesus Christ and cultivates a rich spiritual life in the Church, her gifts are illumined and her capacities flourish.  This not only affords a woman deep personal fulfillment, but also gives her the capacity to bring about the transformation of lives, culture and society.  The Church wishes to support women in the journey of discovering their dignity and in living out their vocation.

Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) is a Catholic study program that engages the intellect of women and teenage girls to help them understand their God-given dignity and respond to our culture’s desperate need for an authentic feminine presence to transform every aspect of life and society.

Discover Your Dignity (North Wales): starts September 8, 2015

Aquinas for Beginners (North Wales): starts September 9, 2015

Discover Your Dignity (North Wales): starts September 14, 2015

Of Human Life (Media): starts September 15, 2015

Edith Stein: Seeker of Truth (New Hope): starts September 17, 2015

On the Christian Meaning of Suffering (Royersford): starts September 21, 2015

Dignity (Morrisville): starts October 3, 2015

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