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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Feast of the Archangels (Michaelmas)

A beautiful Feast of the Archangels to you!
"All you angels of God, pray for us!"

At one time in the Church calendar, the primary archangels each had their own day of celebration and remembrance, however, in 1969, their holy days were consolidated into Michaelmas, renamed the "Feast of the Archangels".  Whether you still celebrate them on their unique days  (Michael 9/29; Gabriel 3/24; Raphael 10/24; Uriel 11/8), as one unit on September 29th, or both, these sacred bodies intercede on behalf of humanity in prayer and action, and we honor them in our lives.

Learn more about this holy day and it's history, here:

Feast of the Archangels Liturgical Readings
The Akathist of St. Michael
Prayers to the Archangels

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