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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Curricula Spotlight: Seaton Home Study School

Curricula: Seaton Home Study School
Interactive Catalog:
PreOrganized Lesson Plans:

"Seton Home Study School exists because we are committed to the education of Catholic children within their families. We are committed to the education for Catholic children being truly Catholic. We are committed to affirming and endorsing the rights and responsibilities of parents as upheld by the Church. The statements from Divini Illius Magistri cited below are essential to our mission and purpose of existence, and serve as the guideline for Seton Home Study School.

"The whole work of education is necessarily and essentially connected between preparing man for what he must be eternally and what he must do here below to attain the eternal end for which he was created. There can be no true education which is not directed to man’s last end. Thus Christian education is of supreme importance for the individual, for families, and for all of human society. St. John Chrysostom said, “What greater work is there than training the mind and forming the habits of the young?” "

What homeschooling parents are saying:
"I have been very happy using Seton’s curriculum. Seton provides detailed lesson plans on a day-to-day basis in every subject for each child; the plans are a great guide and a MUST for parents just starting out, because they help you to organize, know what to do each day, and assess the progress each child is making. I still use them because I have three children I am teaching, and it makes it so much easier and less time-consuming to have the PLAN right in front of me, all typed up! Seton’s lesson plans are very flexible—you decide how slowly or quickly your child will progress through each subject depending upon his or her ability."

"Just a few short months ago, our second son, Martin, began the long haul of getting through Marine Bootcamp. He was given the job of Catholic Chaplain’s assistant because he was the only Catholic who raised his hand. In just a short time, he was able to get a small group together each evening to say the rosary. He said “thanks to Seton for encouraging his Mom to teach him the rosary and saying it every day” he has been able to lead them. On the Sunday before graduation (13 weeks later) one of the young men in Martin’s Platoon was baptized, made his First Communion and was confirmed!!!!! All due to Martin’s witness. As his mother, I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. But as a “teacher” I would like to thank Seton Home Study for all the encouragement and support that I received for the years that I was homeschooling my sons. Having four young boys just 18 months apart was enough to keep me busy, but your witness of love and strength got us through the tough times and gave us the grace to enjoy and celebrate the good times."

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