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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Deciding to Homeschool

For some families, homeschooling is a natural fit for their beliefs and lifestyles.  For others, it comes about due to learning difficulties or special needs.  Yet others try out a traditional schooling method first and then come to educating at home much later in their journey.  Still, other families homeschool some kids and have other children in public or private schools.  Just as there is no one right style of schooling, there is no single reason why families choose homeschooling.  Through prayer, you will be able to discern the path that your family needs to be on in this moment.  That path may change over the years, but your children (and you) will benefit from any time that you spend together.  Remember: the goal is to inspire your children to love to learn; especially in the beginning, what they are loving to learn is less of consequence.  As they figure out how they best decipher information and what subjects they love the most, they will become more well-rounded educationally.  Don't be afraid to let them learn cursive in kindergarten or explore calculus in sixth grade; it may be fleeting, or you may be raising the next new font creator or math genius!

Here are 10 things, taken from Is Homeschooling Right for You, to consider as you embark on this new journey.
1.  The time commitment.
2.  The personal commitment.
3.  The financial commitment.  (While some people go all out for curriculum, there are also many effective and low cost/no cost methods as well.)
4.  Socialization/Co-op Activities.
5.  Your household structure.
6.  Are both parents in agreement?
7.  Is your child on board with homeschooling?
8.  Taking it one year at a time.
9.  Are you intimidated by educating and leading your children in their learning?
10.  Can you relate to why others are choosing to homeschool?

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Are you on the fence about homeschooling?  Do you school multiple children in different ways?  How did you come to the decision to homeschool?  Sound off in the comments!

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